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Mark Brady, President and founder, is a retired naval officer (former A-6 pilot) with 36 years experience in Home Entertainment Systems.

WHY HOME THEATER/MULTI-ROOM AUDIO/VIDEO SYSTEMS: I've always been involved with music and entertainment. I put myself through college playing in a band. I have a collection of approximately 10,000 records/CDs. I've installed my own entertainment systems and systems for friends and clients for the last 36 years. Our current home entertainment system is mostly oriented towards my audio system, however it does include the following components: 4 TVs, 2 Satellite Receivers, 3 Analog Videocassette Recorders, 2 Digital Video Recorders, 1 Digital Video Disc (DVD) Player, 1 Digital Video Disc (DVD) Recorder, 1 3-Port Digital Modulator, 1 16-Port Video Distribution Panel, 3 Audio Receivers, 2 Power Amps, 2 Turntables, 3 CD Players, 1 Audio Digital/Analog CD Recorder, 7 Tape Decks (3) 10" Reel-to-Reel, 4 Midi/Cassette Decks), 1 Computer with Audio/Video Capture, 4 Speaker Selector Units, 2 Tape Dubbing/Switching Units and 17 sets of Speakers.

WHAT IS "HOME THEATER": "Home Theater" is a means by which people can experience the full dynamic sound spectrum of a movie's soundtrack in their own home, just as it was developed by the movie's sound engineers to be experienced in the movie theater. You "watch" a movie on your TV; you "EXPERIENCE" a movie with a Home Theater system. It's comprised of:

  • A Movie/program source (Digital Video Disc, Digital Video Recorder, Laserdisc, Video Tape, or Cable, Satellite or local TV broadcast when the program is encoded with Dolby or DTS surround Broadcast).
  • A Surround Sound Decoder/Processor (separate component or built into an Audio/Video (A/V) Receiver).
  • 5 To 10 speakers to play back the decoded movie/program soundtrack throughout the full soundtrack frequency range of 20Hz - 20kHz.
  • Television, Monitor (Plasma/DLP/LCD/CRT) or Projector/screen system to present the video display.

WHAT IS "MULTI-ROOM AUDIO": This system allows the homeowner to broadcast true "stereo sound" throughout the home, on decks and any other outside area desired such as pool/spa/garden. Speaker pairs are installed wherever desired. Speaker selector units/switches and "Zone Controllers" allow you to select which locations receive the broadcast. Volume controls (either manual or in-wall Keypads) are installed at each speaker location. This is a "Music System" only; it does not require any "Home Theater" system components. New options include Hard Drive Servers and Audio Streamers via Line Level and home Local Area Networks (LAN's).

WHAT IS "MULTI-ROOM VIDEO": A Multi-Room Video System allows Digital Satellite, Cable, OFF-AIR Broadcast, DVD, LD, VCR and Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) video to be available on ALL TVs, computer station monitors and video system displays throughout the home. . New options include Hard Drive Servers and Video Streamers via analog cable and home Local Area Networks (LAN's).

WHAT IS "SYTEM INTEGRATION" and "HOME AUTOMATION": System integration is the design and installation process that allows each of the sub-systems within the home to interact seamlessly with each other. It allows your home control system to operate/control not only your theater system and audio/video system components, but also your house heating & air conditioning system, lighting system, window treatments, security cameras, etc.

"Home Automation" allows the home owner to control multiple systems within the home via keypads, touch-screen controllers and computers. All home systems can be controlled via computerized schedules, car garage controllers, cell phones and laptop/desktop computers located within the home or from any remote site in the world. For example, when leaving work you could call your home server to "Heat up the Spa". When arriving home at night, pressing your garage door opener could also create a lighting path from your garage through your home to any pre-designated/programmed location (kitchen/bedroom/den etc). Entering any designated room could automatically turn "ON" the audio or video system for that room. The options are endless.

WHAT IS "FUTURE-PROOF" VIDEO/PHONE/DATA CABLING: This will ensure that your home will be cabled to support future "Digital Services" that will be offered by Phone/CABLE/Satellite providers. "Interactive Systems Cabling" is the current phrase utilized to describe Digital Residential Gateway future-proof cabling. This type of installation will converge video/voice/data digital services, allowing the homeowner to easily utilize and inter-connect between all future digital service applications within their home. Satellite companies will offer phone/data services, Phone companies will offer video services, CABLE companies will offer in-line modem data options, Computer companies will offer high end audio/video capabilities, etc. All of these digital services will arrive in the home via the Digital Residential Gateway. All home cabling should be "Head-ended" in multiple distribution panels that interconnect with each other and have access connection to the Digital Residential Gateway.

WHAT ARE OUR MAIN OBJECTIVES: Customer Satisfaction, Quality System Design and Installation, Personal Integrity and Dependability.

DO WE BOTH SELL AND INSTALL THE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS: We do both. We install systems in both "New Construction" homes (the preferred time to install a system) and in "Existing" homes. We have multiple local and national suppliers providing us with a product line that covers almost every product manufacturer (see "Product Line" option).

DO WE PROVIDE SYSTEM DESIGN AND INSTALLATION CONSULTATION SERVICES: Yes, we provide "Consultation Services" for clients requesting system design assistance. We work directly with the home owner and with the home owner's architect and builder to ensure that detailed system information is available to all applicable personnel before the house plans are finalized. Consultation services can continue throughout the complete system installation if/when desired. Consultation fees are billed at $150/hour.

WHAT IS THE NEXT PHASE OF CUSTOM HOME ENTERTAINMENT: In 1997 we saw the arrival of the Digital Video Disc (DVD). In 1998 we saw the commencement of High Definition Television (HDTV) broadcast from local broadcasters. In 1999 the satellite broadcasters commenced HDTV broadcast and Internet convergent programming. The next phase will be Digital Services for the residential homeowner. Low and Medium Altitude Satellite Systems are currently being launched by multiple companies that will support digital video/audio/data services received via "mini" dishes at your home. Fiber optic connectors are now available in "modular" jacks/plugs the size of your in-wall phone jack. Internet services and streaming video have become available via your cell phones. High Definition Television (HDTV) broadcast signals have the capability to deliver 1080 lines of resolution (current TV displays approximately 325), six channel Dolby Digital audio, 16:9 "Theater-Wide" video aspect ratio displays, multiple scan rates and scan types etc. DVD Audio and Super Audio CD music formats with increased dynamic range and 96khz/24-bit resolution supporting 5 channel music is available to the consumer. Current video/voice/data convergence applications include systems that provide Satellite/CABLE/TV video on your PC. The HUGHES DIRECWAY system with its 21" dish now supports 2-Way 400Kbits/sec satellite data upload/download capability with anticipated speeds in the 30-50 Mb/s range. New "DISH HD PLAYER/DVRs and DIRECTV "HD TIVO/Receiver Combo satellite systems are currently available allowing the home owner to receive/record High Definition video programming. Many programs currently support interactive entertainment/information options via your TV set without requiring a personal computer. TIVO "Personal Digital Hard-drive Recorders" provide the capability to record audio/video programs without utilizing magnetic tape. Direct view televisions are being introduced with built-in hard drive recorders. The next generation satellite receivers will support 1-3Mbs data output to your computer. High Definition wall mounted Plasma and LCD monitors are available in sizes ranging from 10" to 80". Legislation has allowed the 18" Digital Satellite Broadcasters to provide "Local TV Broadcast". High Definition (HD) DVD players will be available by the end of 2005/early 2006. DVD recorders have become common components in household video systems. The 2005 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcased new video display technologies and multiple "Hard Drive" video and audio servers. Home entertainment systems have become "In-house Networks" storing entertainment and information services in digital format available to any room or individual display device upon demand. Within the next two years all electronic devices will be supported with a "Network Port" allowing each device to be part of the "Home Entertainment Network". Home Entertainment Systems are becoming a "Digital World".

HOW ARE PROJECTS CONTRACTED, BILLED AND COMPLETED: We divide our projects into three phases. Each phase is supported with a dedicated contract.

Phase One is system "Design and Engineering". Phase One is billed at $150/hour, payment is required at the completion of the design.

Phase Two is "Initial System Installation". Phase Two is billed at $100/hour; 50% payment is due upon start of the installation, final 50% payment is due upon complete satisfaction that all agreed upon services have been completed. "Initial System Installation" includes the installation of all in-wall cabling, in-wall ducting, wall-plate brackets and system distribution panels.

Phase Three is "Final System Installation". Phase Three is billed at $100/hour; 50% payment is due upon start of the installation, final 50% payment is due upon complete satisfaction that all agreed upon services have been completed. "Final System Installation" includes the installation of all system hardware (wall plates, speakers, electronics, display devices, control devices etc), calibration of surround sound speakers and display devices, presentation of system "Operation Guides" and "System Operation" training.

GIVE US A CALL: Every new home investment should include "Future-Proof" Audio/Video/Phone/Data cable technology installation. Quad shield RG-6 COAX video cable and Multi-mode fiber and CAT-5/6 enhanced phone/Data cabling will ensure that the home your building today will support tomorrow's digital super highway, with data traveling at 350+ Mbits/sec.

Call or write for free information regarding our custom designed & installed Home Entertainment Systems, Local: 675-8301, Toll Free: 1-888-675-8301.


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